welcome to middle river friends church!

 Sunday School Time!  9:00 am

Classes for all ages!

Church is at 10:00 am and will be broadcast on Facebook live.

Middle River Friends Church Food Pantry in Partnership with CCA is open

Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 6 pm.

Help our Friends in Guatemala!

Click here to support Iglesia Amigos (Morales Friends Church), Guatemala.   This is the home church of Blanca and Mario Monzon.  Your support will help them continue the ministry to their community in this difficult time.

Find the Bulletin Here

Our Pastors

Pastor Matt and Beth Smith began their ministry in Northeast Ohio 26 years ago. They bring a new and fresh perspective on learning about God and his will for us. We are excited to welcome them as they begin their ministry here.
They have 4 children. Their oldest son is married and living in Fort Wayne, while their daughter attends seminary at Asbury in Kentucky. Their youngest two minister with them and are a great joy to have.
Pastor Matt has a Master’s degree in Transformational Leadership and is continuing his education. Beth has a Master’s degree in Family Ministries.
Matt and his family are a great addition to our new outlook on ourselves, our church and our community. Come and Join us and see what is happening.

Verse of the Week