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  • August 26th 2015 12:01 PM - August 30, 4:00 pm, Fifth Sunday Family Night. All church pot luck picnic at Memorial Park, North G Street, Indianola.... (Jacque Wilbur) more

  • July 31st 2015 09:39 PM - Congratulations Pastor Randy. it is official your are a recorded minister of Iowa Yearly Meeting of friends. (Randy Kernen) more

  • July 25th 2015 09:53 AM - We are offering the opportunity for Middle River Friends Church youth to attend the Casting Crowns and For King and... (Jacque Wilbur) more

  • July 11th 2015 11:34 AM - Great Fun at Middle River VBS today. Here's pictures of our Dazzling Discovery workshop craft. When we look through these... (Jacque Wilbur) more

  • June 30th 2015 01:50 PM - Dear Friends, We are sad to report that Mitch Wolfe passed this week. Visitation -- Monday, July 6 @ 6:00... (Jacque Wilbur) more

  • June 18th 2015 02:38 PM - Sunday, June 28, 8:00 am, Bobbie and Cathie are providing their quarterly breakfast for anyone who would like to come... (Jacque Wilbur) more

  • June 4th 2015 10:16 AM - Dear Friends, We are sad to report that Pastor Randy’s uncle, John Nichols, passed this week. Pastor Randy will be... (Jacque Wilbur) more

  • May 31st 2015 03:23 PM - Friday, June 5, 6:30 pm, MRF Fellowship Hall: Wedding Food Shower for Jacob & Abby Pribble. Everyone please bring a... (Jacque Wilbur) more

  • May 27th 2015 11:28 AM - Sunday, May 31, at 6:00 pm 5th Sunday, Family Night -- Movie Night! Middle River Friends Church Fellowship Hall Bring... (Jacque Wilbur) more

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